Back Quiver Options

Back Quiver Options

Please note that not all options are available for all quivers.  Please see product listing for available options.

Righty or Lefty:  Choose your dexterity. 

  • Right Handed:  This means that you hold the bow with your left hand and the string with your right hand
  • Left Handed: This means that you hold the bow with your right hand and the string with your left hand. 

Color Options: Click here to see our color options

Quiver Depth:  Choose your Quiver Depth to match your arrows or go with standard sizing. 

  • Custom Sizing is 6 inches shorter than the entire length of your arrows from Tip to knock

Lace Color:  For those Back Quivers with laced seams.  We use 0.25 inch Kodiak Lace which is a very strong leather lace.  We offer 3 colors (While Supplies last):

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Tan

Pocket Options:  Choose your back quiver with or without a pocket.

Fletching Cover Options:  Bring Your Fletching Cover Up over your arrows to keep them dry.  Leave the Fletching cover down when it's not needed.  Crafted of Pigskin Leather 

Do you want a Foam Bottom?  The Ranger Quiver already has a dual layered leather bottom.  If you want more protection you can opt for a foam bottom too.  The Foam Bottom also reduces the noise cause be arrow rattle. 

Shoulder Strap Options:  Click here to see our back quiver shoulder strap options.

Shoulder Strap Sizes

  • Petite for those 5ft 5in tall or shorter
  • Standard for those 5ft 6in tall or taller
  • Large for those with extra tall or long frames (You know who you are)

Other Options:  These options are not listed in the product listing but are available for custom orders.  You can find these Custom Options in Rasher's Custom Leather Shop under the Add On's Category