Custom Traditional Quiver with Tactical Strap

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Traditional Back Quiver

with Tactical Shoulder Strap

  • Easy Access to Arrows
  • Cross Stitched Seam with Kodiak Lace for strength
  • Universal Dexterity

This Traditional Back Quiver features the Rasher Quivers Tactical Shoulder Strap.  This strap allows the quiver to sit in the center of the back.  This keeps the arrows directly behind your head for easy access.  This shoulder strap also makes this quiver universal in dexterity.  This means that is will fit both left and right handed shooters.  Customize this back quiver to fit your your style and character.  We offer a lot of custom options to make that possible.

The Traditional Quiver features a primitive design that was made popular by Howard Hill.  Born in 1899, Howard Hill has been called, "The Worlds Greatest Archer."  He won 196 Archery Field Tournaments in a row.  He produced 33 archery films, harvested over 2,000 animals with his longbow, and set world records in flight archery.  He was inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and the Bow Hunters Hall of Fame.  Howard Hill died in 1975, but his legend lives on.  

  • Frame Color: Custom
  • Lace Color: Custom
  • Arrow Capacity:24 Arrows
  • Quiver Depth: Custom
  • Material: 6 Ounce Leather
  • Shoulder Strap: Tactical
  • Dexterity: Universal
  • Pocket: Optional
  • Foam Bottom: Optional

Please see our Back Quiver Options page for detailed explanations of the custom options available for this product. 


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Custom Options: 

Color Options:

Click here to see our color options

Quiver Depth:

Choose your Quiver Depth to match your arrows or go with standard sizing. 

  • Custom Sizing is 6 inches shorter than the entire length of your arrows from Tip to knock

Do you want a Foam Bottom?  

The Ranger Quiver already has a dual layered leather bottom.  If you want more protection you can opt for a foam bottom too.  The Foam Bottom also reduces the noise cause be arrow rattle. 

Other Options:  

These options are not listed in the product listing but are available for custom orders.  You can find these Custom Options in Rasher's Custom Leather Shop under the Add On's Category

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