Order Status


The following Status applies to Rasher Quivers Brand Products only.  The "Availability" of all other brands is posted in it's individual product listing. You can follow the progress of all orders in the "Daily Order Lineup" below.


At Rasher Quivers, we strive to produce a high quality product.  To accomplish this, we feel that it is important that our crafting process is not rushed to meet deadlines.

  • You can follow the progress of your order on the "Daily Order Lineup" Below
  • You will receive an email once your order has been processed for shipping.  This email will also contain your USPS Tracking number

If you have questions or concerns about your order,  please use the "Contact Us" link.  We will get back to you within one business day.

Daily Order Lineup

Last Update on 05/20/2018 3:35pm CST


Rasher Quivers 

    1. Order #972
      1. Custom Holster Hip Quiver - Complete
    2. Order #974
      1. Custom Welding Pliers Holster - COMPLETE
    3. Order #PP0112
      1. Custom Embracer Arm Guard
        • Primary Cutting & Tooling is complete
        • Decorative Tooling is complete
      2. Custom Sedona Back Quiver
        1. Primary Cutting is complete
        2. Decorative Tooling - Half way there
      3. Custom Leather Belt Case
    4. Order #975
      1. Custom Back Quiver Side Strap - COMPLETE
    5. Order #976
      1. Custom Back Quiver Side Strap
      2. Custom Regal-O Quiver with Celtic Tri-Knot

For more information on the Rasher Quiver Crafting Process visit: Rasher Quivers – Stages of Your Custom Quiver Build