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Archery Form Basics: The Archer's "T" (Video Tutorial)

Posted by Jason S. Albert on 6th Mar 2017

Rasher Quivers PresentsThe Archer's "T"Introduction:The Archer’s “T” is the foundation of your form and technique. Without a good foundation the rest of your Technique will crumble. The Archer’s “T” i … read more

A Finely Written Archery Battle Scene

Posted by Jason S. Albert on 5th Mar 2017

"The Sedona Quiver: The Battle at Veganloas Castle" is a short story written by Nick Vaiu of Life & Longbows.The King's Archer, Jariel, bravely battles the enemy crossbowman at the battle at … read more

Mentor Pocket Quiver Demonstration

Posted by Jason S. Albert on 4th Mar 2017

The Mentor Pocket QuiverFrom Rasher Quivers Utility Pocket for carrying your possibles Welted Side Walls & Bottom Pocket prevents quiver from falling deeper into the pocket The Mento … read more

Rasher's Leather League Week 1

Posted by Jason S. Albert on 3rd Mar 2017

Rasher's Leather League is a Leather Worker's Competition sponsored by Rasher Quivers on Facebook. There will be weekly challenges that will be CRITICALLY JUDGED & CRITIQUED by experienced le … read more

DIY Bow String Silencer

Posted by Jason S. Albert on 3rd Mar 2017

Rasher Quivers Presents"How to Make a Fluff String Silencer"In this video we will demonstrate how to make a bow string silencer using a plastic hanger and some yarn.Equipment Needed:Hanger with Strap … read more